Erica Sarah Carrubba: Italo-American London based Director & Cinematographer

Currently based in London, Erica was born in California and grew up in Italy in an environment where art drives all aspects of culture.

Erica, a music lover and dancer herself, ingeniously utilises music and rhythm not only to choreograph and direct the actors on set but also to facilitate the development of the characters, even if music might not ultimately be included in the final film.

"Il Perché" [Why], won multiple awards worldwide, including Best Experimental Short and Best Woman Short at the Indie Film Fest, Best Experimental Short at FICOCC and was selected for the San Francisco Frozen Film Festival and Female Eye Film Festival.

As a cinematographer, she utilises the camera as a dance partner, elegantly traversing through space in a mesmerising dance alongside the actors.

Her background is in fashion, where she worked as a creative director. She was the creator and editor of ESC Magazine, an arts and fashion magazine which focused on creating atmospheres through colour palettes to trigger sensorial reactions.

Erica graduated from Central Saint Martins in London with a BA in Performance Design.

Erica is also developing sustainable workwear for women in film.

London based.

EU and USA passport holder.