Erica Sarah Carrubba Italo-American London based director and DOP

In a world where beauty is effortlessly complimented, Lola wonders Why she cannot thank for being called intelligent.

Winner - Best Experimental Short Film 2021 - Indie Short Fest 2021, Los Angeles, CA

Winner - Best Women Short Film 2021  - Indie Short Fest 2021, Los Angeles, CA 

Winner - Best Experimental Short Film 2020 - Five Continents International Film Festival

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Written & Directed: Erica Sarah Carrubba
Director Of Photography: Ivo Krankowski
Make-Up: Bryanna Angel
Costume: Corsetorium
Footwear: Erica Sarah Carrubba
Score: Bertie Perschky
Voice-Over: Valentina Puggioni
Sound Mix: Vincent Ott
Colour: Carol Cybulski @ Cheat
Special Thanks: Jacob Mason White

Shooting Format: 16 mm